Truth knocks, Draft from February

Have you heard your truth
is it knocking at your door.
What do you think of when you wake?
Are You, quiet enough to in-take…
ALL your mistakes
as Earth quakes-
to wake up^
Can you help yourself?
You know the truth.
but you follow another voice-
and your curious…
but lost.
Following your nose, sometimes*
but your mostly blind.
Looking for signs,
and kind
Ending things is sad.
Is your truth bad?
Is it a bad sad..
how DEEP does the hole go
does it end with a stillness-
that Feels like Home.
I didnt want to make,
but Sadness
leads to Gladness
=for life is born,
from Rage and Pain.
fire that elates A Sane-
Joy for all.

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