Untitled draft- on toing and froing

I’m confused       I DEFUSED  the fire. IN your hands- I didn’t understand.

MY walls

My ego called                                               pretending to be truth.  =  I acted aloof

POWER stance                     in mother Earth

I said Goodbye   +   Gave birth.


I’m confused        I ABUSED                                                                my vulnerability

It clouded my      reality.                  I question my sanity




everything but living in the now.


I’m confused.                          I used it.

***as an excuse=         I opened

but I didn’t let loose                                         –                                             the chains around me.

I wanted to feel free

swimming in the sea

I let the air                                                                              Blow

Through. =      Your BLUE,,                                                +            I knew.

that’s part of my favourite colour- – – – – Turquoise

I’m slow like a Tortoise.


I’m confused                       You mused

my                                                                 *ROCKS*

stillness in the deep

~BOTTOMLESS~      ocean

you turned my clogs in      TO motion

you Opened (*)

Locked doors   ……………………………………and I said No more.


I’m CON fused

did, I                                                           project my fears  …?

did I not nourish your tears

did my patience                                             –LEAVE —

spider                                 on this web you weave

showing me

to=                ((   Peel  ))               FEEL,   Heal.



the hole – I fall – –

listening,   quietly now<                                                   truth call



I am sorry I ABUSED

while       CON FUSED

<> your affection.

not recognising                      <  the directions >

sat INside                      casting=    Projections.



Am I confused?

Your in your head

let go of the fears,                                                                                    the rabbit said

Live from Heart

from here – You Can Start –

Seconds are Beginnings.
















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