In disguise, Draft

It sucks when you realize,

all the lies.

You told your self,

-mental health.

in the form of love and space

You didn’t have the answers, they escaped.

and then you broke-

Slammed on.

Pounded the shapes.

and Made for the – straight line.

It sucks cause now you see those shapes,

their imprints on landscapes,

traced a loving embrace.

Lights among the night.

And now you might-

never get to make it right.

Learning patience-

and present tense.

If the hope for a new door falls,

you’ll be redirected =

towards the truth you seek.

The love you want to give won’t be rejected- a bleak.

Twilight= we will shine a light, ON!

Home- un-familiar.

Family-I- AR.

Healing scars, infinity imprinted

Until i shed this skin.


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