Womb- draft poem

I want to be in Gaia’s womb-

There she will bloom…

ALL the shit you left!

On, In, Around me.

When you didn’t speak,

+ your truth was weak.

I want to hear it all.

even if You Cant Hear your own voice call-

Speak it out?

It makes me angry.

I want to be free.

From misery. + mystery=

I need to hear your words.

Ring True.

From the Arms You Grew, on me.

((I knew!))

You was too Blue to handle- WE.

Your the water, I’m the tree.

You leave.

and I want to tell you things,

you’ve heard before.

No more. And now I’m Left=heart open,

It’s an addiction.

I hate to be with. I’m (craving) companion.

Not the type that comes on a stallion

Or one to fill a hole- I’m whole.

Not just for fun. I just want the one.

So let go of these projections + let farther sky lead, the=Redirection.

To truth. It’s what you asked for, it’s another door.

A step closer- OPENING – to share.

From heart. wHERE the truth is waiting.

Resonating. Vibrating- my love.


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