Our Lost Lineage- in the Cut down Star Trees

Are you uncertain in your certainty of humanity? Dose it feel like something is missing? Some truth? Are you happy, are you searching? Dose anything seem a little strange? Like how we are all plugged in, distracted, a little bit lost? – (sometimes- when we are quiet and stand still, and if we haven’t found god and are all enlightened with every moment in the now- which i think that is most of us, out of tune with the cosmos of unity.)

Today i saw a picture, on facebook, of landscapes that looked like huge tree stumps. Then a friend sent me this video-They Cut down the Trees Youtube linkย (I haven’t watched it all yet as i have limited internet but i will.) And so from this i have gathered a little project this morning on last nights scanned negatives at the darkroom and then this mornings links to chopped down ancient trees. These have linked together conceptually with in the distortion of reality for us and our history. I plan to document some of that distortion on film by double exposing them, maybe more, and play with the idea of human isolation. Isolation from something lost. Like these trees that reached up to the heavens and stored data in them for us to connect to our ancestors and sacred medicine knowledge, that were cut down.

Today I feel a deep cut from some sacred nature, some lost downloads and elders who can give these. Maybe after the trees were cut the elders who sat at fires and sang the ancient knowledge and connect with Mother Earth where the ones who knew the trees and where closer to our lost lineage. I want to play with the contrast and merging of Mother Earth and Farther Sky and their children- being us, overlapped with the boxes and lines we have built here in our mass produced world- the ones we plug into and are boxed into and has become nature.


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