Broken-Family-Tree (draft)

(I sang this on the way home but it went on much long, and i have tried to re write it- here’s a draft)
I’m sorry for hurting you,
I’m sorry for cutting you.
Deep down- I chopped you down, chopped you down.
I am sorry for not hearing you.
I’m sorry they have forgotten you.
*Deep deep down.
I know your roots are still in the ground

They chopped you down-
They did not here your sound. So healing.
They chopped your trunk =
and they shrunk.
*Deep deep down.
To the ground.

We all once reached to you.
We all once carried you.
*Deep deep down
We could hear your sound,
we could feel you all around.
Your branches carried us the stars- With your farther the universe is ours.

I’m sorry now farther.
I live with mother.
We chopped the tree down-
that connected us.
We chopped us.
Now we are lost.

I’m sorry for not protecting you,
I’m sorry that they knew.
and screamed out for you..
In silence.
While you fell to the ground.
*Deep deep down.
You was the link between-
mother and farther
a mighty tree.
We do bleed,
On your fermented limbs.

*Deep deep down
And that’s why we must go with-IN
=all that’s left are your roots,
The branches that did shoot-
to the moon.
Long gone.
they fell down- They cut down
Our ancestry
And built a monastery,
with something missing.
A deep hole- Our Mother Sings-
Out for you.
She blooms for you.

You have grown so much farther.
Your much -farther, much wider.
Expanded and encircled.
the Vastness of your Knowledge-
The family of your branches=
We chopped down.
Burnt them to the sky
Re-birthed in our darkness.
and we can barely reach.
*Deep deep down.

Mother is calling.
She is holding-
These roots we have grown,
from our bones.
Deep deep down.
All these seeds sown-
from heart felt connections.
turning inside- casting protections
We Will Grow
From *Deep deep down,
deep down.

I can hear your sound.
Shooting from my body=
an invisible tree=
They can not cut it down.
For we go deep deep down,
in mothers ground.
We will see you soon
A tree will burst-
Through This Bubble
and we will no longer struggle
for you know it all.
All these walls- we have built with-out Your Expanse.
We have been safe in mothers hands, WithIN

I’m sorry we cut you dear farther.
Mother calls
Shes missing her other-
half- her whole.
She cut you so she had some time to go
WithIN, *Deep Deep Down.
But now she stretches out her arms-
growing nearer to you.
Pulling up our vibrations,
heightening our sensations=
deepening our roots.
So we may soar.
-from invisible- Hearts Full.
Free from walls.
Branches so tall.


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