Asking for help- (draft)

It’s hard to ask for help.
+ let people help.
It’s hard to let them see through-
+ let them in.
It’s hard to let my pride drop.
It’s hard to stop,
Feeling low.
When i cant afford the water to grow-
the seeds I’ve sown,
-in the hot sun.
A barren waste,
Mind- a bitter taste.
It’s hard when your taught=
Your on your own.
It’s hard to be alone.
Feeling you have to do it all.
And every time you fall-
down, which feels like every day, every week.
It’s hard to show the part of you that’s weak.
Cause you want to be independent.
and transcendent,
of these times.
You want to seek your own abundance.
And provide-
And hide-
Your yearning for your tribe.


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