Projected (draft)

It’s hard to not plug in
to the negative criticism
On Facebook
Disillusioned posts and projections-
Of how mother earth and its children are failing.
Implanting the fear and an a hopeless wave,
Disembodying our minds making us crave.
Crave, and crave, and crave,
and shut down.
Cry and shout and feel
Negative- but it’s all un-real.
Do you really want to believe this
Your mind is a tool-
Don’t let them rule.
It, – it is your only freedom
See them=
for what they are- lowering our vibration!
Slavery of the mind is their salvation.
Don’t get sucked in to the projection-
Showered with mis-truths
deflecting your truth.
Feel into your own,
Be mindful of all seeds sown
or stop scrolling down…
Searching so your not left out.
YOU are love, and i love you.
See through
Disillusions- Hear the fusion
of love.
In this movement- a vibration to shake up
and pull back the vale.
Silence- With-IN is the true tale.

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