Tell me who you are

You eyes bring me home
When im lost im centered
when i remember to re join this gaze
I’m transcended, from my distraction
To this perfect moment.
IN you i blushed.
Falling into an uncontrolled,
*burst of joy!
Your eyebrow waved and paved the way to love.
Your gaze burnt down, without effort.
I didn’t know i had so many places to hit- so softly.
Buttons-electric bodies, merging in your deepness- I stare.
Afraid was my courage to dare.
I fell in love.
Seduced by being, NOW.
Nothing matters.
Being sweet fields of truth-
Skipping, waiting- singing a fearful song.
Resistance. Your love enables breakthroughs.
I circled infatuation, debating, falling deeply, confused and grieving.
for something- someone- i didn’t know if it was real.
Your eyes skipped ropes around my heart.
Fists of fighting throats. Not wanting to show.
I want to be seen, and feel you in-between,
from my Yoni flow= birthing, bursting stars.
Darkness isn’t the only running track.
and the light lacked…..- i cracked
Until i met you again. and again. and again.
Generations past, love
My sweetheart
a bed full presently wrapped in blankets of your arms
around and around-your arms-held
to be one another- a lover
to surrender to the vastness
filling spaces in-between- unseen= secrets.
the uncontrolled is a open heart
Tell me who you are
Without but within- longing and present
beneath each others skin.

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