Crazy (draft)

If it’s all unreal
Even what i feel
Then what is real.
Even IN my truth
there could be mis-truth.
Every feels so real.
-even the surreal.
Stillness of that place
I am- Am I?
What if i am only,
Cause me in that space feels unreal
Is it only real cause you say it is?
Or is this the way my ego feels?
OK, no, so the still i want to feel
is’nt real…
The nothing, that sits when i ask a question
Gives me post-confusion.
Equating to craziness.
Distracting with mis-truths.
A place that holds me not to be me
-is it I’m not ready?
Or is that safe place fake?
I can’t see through.
I can’t stay there, I don’t know what’s real
Anymore= my truth won’t show
Me to me anymore.
It’s a point of no more.
“I give you no more
except this to explore-
Your crazy”
(Is that the maze to me?)

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