The BIRTH of VENUS (draft)

The fantasies of language,
Spoken- broken codes.
-Of heart + power house, emotions.
In the juices of Venus-
Birthed from= THE SHELLS OF THE SEA.
From the shells of the sea.
-The shells from within me,
A bottomless sea.
Beautiful, encapsulated life, past.
-Now left, the shells of time.
Harbored protection, vital.
Now- effortless they wash on the shores.
Treasures to hold.
Shredded skins,
Shredded homes.
-Let go.
Beauty born from bones,
-From the bottomless- surfacing-
Swirling + rippling= Motions
-Of tiny seeds.
Colossal and gigantic
Moments of glorification.
Un-abiding, un-forbidding
un-predicting the pretentious.
-All on the wave of nothingness
Flowering from caves.
Once lived in,
Seen, the seen that seas it.
Dancing for god to point at it,
To feel its feet on circling
Bowing to the presence
of We.

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