World News (draft)

Fucked up
Sucked up
In self.
Ego distraction.
While the world is in malnutrition
+ being rapped.
-I’m sedated
In an overdose
It’s sick.

I just read a magazine
“10 hot stories”
-the fame an glories
Along with a hidden secret- exposed
Leaking- dying: murdered 3rd world children
Drowned and tied to their mothers.

Next page
Having problems with dandruff?
Here’s a free sample.
I can’t even find the words to ramble
the answers to this disastrous
of ignorance- bewilderment – Be wilder men
A greive-ment
Helpless- shaking my head- hanging in shame.
Shifting the blame
what can i do…
-I don’t know what’s true?

How does any of this matter
if others are hurting.
Can we really say “this isn’t our responsibility”
It’s karma?
It’s killin me.
Advertisements of self imagery
What can we do?

All the little things,
I feel a failure.
“Count your blessing,
That will save ya.??”
but will it save them.
I never listen to the news.
Living in a fake bubble?
Ignoring the trouble
Listening to my own.

If my neighbor was in need, would i help?
Of course.
Then why is the world so off course?
Tapping into source.
How can we ignore?
Aren’t they living in source too?
Born to a world so cruel.
How can we be living on the same ground?
We hear the birds sing and they hear the sound-
of famine and screams.
It seems-
I have no answers.

Feeling helpless,
I use to be the one with passion.
For all earth- showing compassion.
+Then i ventured within.
Thinking that was the best way to deal
with the cosmic heart ache.
-My own.
But how can we ignore the horrors grown.
With-in with-out
AHHHHHHH. I need to shout
+ Sob.
A thousand years.

For all the feet,
walking Gaia.
Birthed so much sorrow, + sadness.
My only condolence is
I know she will always liberate-
Her trapped an swallowed whole
+create freedom.

(Still, i’ll sit here in the pain of gods kingdom.
Knowing i can be anything
and believe anything
i want to- knowing that i am all the goodness
and badness-
and maybe it is all an illusion
But my only conclusion
is it feels pretty real
– this deep, deep pain i feel.)


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