Wonder (Draft- plotted on the 1st april at Manchester Vegan Fair in a Dairy secrets talk)

Wonder of nature-
Born in misery.
Mothers taken from their babies,
Save me.
Set me free.

Milk is murder.
Milk is torture.
Drinking milk as mature-
It’s all our fault.
Not another’s-
It’s all a cover-
up- a veil.
‘For Sale’…
Grow, grow, grow.
These seeds we sow
Grow, grow, grow.
Said, the hormones inside the milk of mother cow.
Feed it to the people,
-Hide the secrets.

Grow, grow, grow.
Our economy.
Lost instincts-
Still- in-sync
But, can you think?
For yourself?
Have you the time?
Do you drink for your health?
-Calcium= a lie
It’s in everything
Get some hemp seeds, pick some weeds.

=Acidifies the blood.
You should- listen.
MILK WEAKENS your bones.
1 in 8 women=
Breast cancer.
Linked to the tears of pregnant mother cows.
-Stop drinking dairy.
We live a world,
in the authorities-
-The limit is not the sky!

You’ll not hear it in the news.
The trues.
Of dairy-
It’s scary-
The writings on the wall.
10 feet tall.
-Dairy is not a health food.
Heart disease-
is the un ease=
produced in the products of animal-
The answer isn’t pills.
Presented by a doctor,
prescribed by Big Brother…
Slogan-ed- “Live longer-
But not healthier.”
-Cut from what we were-
“meant” to do-
Distracted through
Work, work, work.
Grow, grow, grow.

What’s a balanced diet?
What’s a balanced life?
Tell me when
-Will this end?
A presumption=
“The text book tells the truth”?
Knowledge= a secret..
=A learned control.
Your a consumer- and,
A free market is more important than the-
Threat +
to what this is all doing to y-our health!
“But its increasing wealth”
-A fake commodity.
a purity…
In this white creamy- lie

When will this end?
Growing, growing, growing.
Ignorant- innocent -nation,
Filled with fear and mis-truth
Lived – separately -by walls left aloof.
To our own devices-
Striving to make it.
On our own.
Trying our best-
Not got the time to put it all to the test-
Picking what little we can support-
In a world where we are so far, cut short.
The wisdom of -collective
a directive.

Growing, Growing, Growing.
Opening, surrendering.
Words as offerings.
to the sufferings-
of you and me.


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