Where I’m safe

Laying in my bed. Writing poems makes more sense. I am tense. I sense EVERYTHING. And I am gifted in witnessing, you- hypnosis .. its killing the atmosphere. Of my knowing- Where do we go from here.

I enjoy not speaking, your seeking= validation. I am in a state of sedation. And meditation is my cleaning. I am feeling EVERYTHING. Your footstep goes through me. I am surely trippin- Sippin on these germs- these worlds= within worlds. YES I feel them… CRAWLING, under my flipping skin. Within me- and without. Creepy crawlies. I shout. THIS IS ALL TOO LOUD. The water in the sink, I sink lower. Where its safe, under my covers. The door handles quiver my mental- unstable- labelled- state. Sedate me again.

Send me to another place. With white walls and waterfalls. Where I am safe.



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