A Rainbow (draft)

You feel so much darkness.

The worlds in your head,

+ to be dead…

Would be easier-

Than this fight-

For clearer sight.

You crave for your tribe

+ conscious eyes.

Seeing through all lies.

Your heart dies-

The more you open the door.

Cause you’ve been there before,

+ you feel you can’t show…

All the skeletons behind.

In the mis-truth of truth.

In the voices of the mask.

In the voices of the mask.

In your mind.

But if you don’t speak them…

They’ll bind you to the floor.

Speak them + they’ll go.

Make space for all your faces- of diamond-

Rainbow light- don’t dull them out.

We love you just as you are-

With your scars of fear and pain,

We can all gain from speaking truths.

We can all gain from sharing,

+ caring.

With conscious staring from open hearts –

In the face of dark voices

Seeking candle light-

To pass,

To souls in conflict, confusion,

Living in delusion of no- truth-non-sense.

Missing love as companion- common sense.

Hold my gaze- while I pray.

You can swim onto my page.

Free me from my cage.

I am my own slave- safe here in my cave.

But I’m screaming and stomping,

+ I go on walks with my lantern.

Making signals,

Hoping you’ll find me.

I spell it out with twigs-

But you’ve forgotten how to fly- how to see,

My messages.

+ your can’t shape-shift- yet.

I wonder if I’ll regret- it.

Or forget it + find a new.

What is true? Why can’t you see through? Why’s it so hard?

I want to turn over the cards.


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