Enough (draft)

When is enough enough

It’s not satisfaction- I feel full

+ Guilt

I didn’t stop

But you taste so good

My senses enjoy you- last spoon fulls.

I must- what is it I must?



To deepen this

Fear- I may have wished

Logic brain

Excuses kick in

Don’t want to put you in the bin

A sin

But it’s the greatest cause of obesity

I’m full

What does satisfaction feel like

I tried

I’m full

Why’s it so hard

Show me how to sink in

Blink – in – time to be past my past

+ be all women

Not just one- with wounds

But all + soon

To listen to grandmother + shed the weight of past

Lovers- who wouldn’t

Let go- show me how

To love you- Medicine

I’m seeping in- through me

to you- red to blue.


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