What do you want?

Apparently our intentions will increase 8 fold

Right now, this is the time

To ask for sublime miracles

What do you want?

What will you plant?

I want to plant seeds of deep healing,

Deep loving communication,

And an awakening heart activation-

To wash over trivialization’s

To enforce life changing contemplation’s

To bring actualization

Dedications – to children

I want to plant the seed

Of abundance- to see the value of weeds

To continue the creative flow

And show

Deep life changing- pinnacles

I ask for miracles

And a camper van

I want freedom to live

And drive to where i wish

I want to let go of lack

And banish the knack of loosing change

Emptying pockets

I want to live with awe

In the process of cycles

I want to travel

All around this island

I want to be free from what binds us

To the peoples dream.

I want to be seen

By sacred man

I want to be with in him in wholly lands

And demand an equal, an inspiration, a liberation, a wholly seduction

Of senses

I want to live jumping over fences

I want to shed weight

Connect to fate

Cut the cords and learn I can fly

Cry and cry and cry

And laugh and laugh and laugh


I want to silly – In love

I  want to be in love

I want to be above it all

Bowing down to the beauty – in my own smile on my own face

I want to walk with grace in this body of Venus

I want to kiss

And melt and be felt

And orgasm in life’s joy- knelt

On my knees

I want to tease the bees

With honey to fly around me

And lift me up to the trees

Like i was a fairy

I want to be stroked – hairy

And to be held in scarey


I want to see your burning bring light

I want to have the sight

Of ancestors

I want to live a life that soars

Above expectation

I want my little voices to be in a meditation

I want to feel recognition

And to live in humble gravitation

Towards my tribe

I want to scribe a book

To publish self help poetry

To give freely

I want to let go easily

To live in harmony

Let me go to infinity and beyond

I plant the seed for a steady pace

For the race to slow down

To walk with a crown

Of wild flowers and raindrops

To touch the tops

Of crystal peaks

I want to always seek and seek

And find and find and find

To be kind

I plant these seeds

Please solstice moon, hear me, feel me, reveal me ❤









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