You Deserve (A poem for dad on farther’s day)

Your deserve health

You deserve wealth

You deserve self


To be above

All earthly worries

Be carried by flurries

Of wind

To be relieved of sin

To begin

With every-step

You deserve what’s next

To digest in a cosmic soup

An infinite loop

Of purity

You deserve hands

To understand

All lifes plans

And carry you lightly

A palm bed on the deepest flowing river

A wind to shiver you to destiny


In sunbeams. You deserve to find them

Again + again + again

You deserve freedom

To see them- wings

On your back

To act- in your soverinity

To know your divinity

Of hands- a birther

A herder

Of dust

To brush

The ashes

+ Light embers

In  bellies

Of a castle in the sky

You deserve your tries

To be blessed

+ your tests to be

Left to the raindrops

On oceans

Your deserve to see all in slow motion

+ Grasp the beauty

of bees inside


Your deserve to smell sweet

+ Feel this dream

+ Enjoy the cream

Which bubbles to the tops

Of mountains

You deserve crystal


+ All knowing sight

From your peak

Your deserve to feel

The creaks

Stream down valleys

+ join bodies

You deserve to jump in

You deserve to win,

+ swim

With ease

You deserve to feel joy in the breeze.



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