I know

I know sometimes
it feels strange
and maybe off plan.
But i really like you
and i understand.
I know maybe… I will crave-
for more when you hide-
I may want to walk away.
When you don’t confirm your feelings-
But I’ll keep reeling
Enough for both of us.
I know most times
I miss you.
And not only when I’m lonely
When I am happy I want to share,
and with you- kiss you.
I want to save you
And I know I doubt the part of me
that’s logic.
But i can’t ignore my heart.
I love when you pay me the slightest attention.
I love when you make me laugh.
And I know sometimes I’ll question
If we are walking the same way
But i can’t help
That I’m connected to you, for what seems like now, every single day
And i love that i feel safe with you
And how you care so much
And how you hide.
I lied
I see you tried … and i cried
When you hung up
I don’t wana live in an illusion
I am in confusion
between reality and spirituality
And you know it all
But i’m falling
And i trust your arms
Call me melon and help me to not stall
Again, I want to consciously
Call- understanding past uniform
There’s a storm
And I’m a calm
A silver moon.

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