Ignore Me (draft)

Ignore me more
this may be it
the final blow
freedom to shout
its hard to not let ego seep through
the veil of truth
I give space
and you can’t just say- give me space
and the lack of words
ignite the insane
but i’m to blame?
well so are you – you who shouted
you who drew the sword
and barricaded the doors
shut tight
I’m out of sight
And why must there be etiquette
i want to be comfortable with the silence
of your stained
i just came to hold you
maybe i’m not as good as i thought
at being distant
a autistic missing love
And i’m insane
for playing out these scenes in my brain
Now its turned into a game
Of leaving you alone.
And within this i feel pushed down
under ground
give me freedom.

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