Your voice
+ melts, my soul greets my body.
Your words hold me.
Hold the ability- to shake me, break me
Wake me=
Light me up.
The thought of you-
Pulls my heart and I start,
To excite,
+ Delight in your shapes.
The thought of leaving you-
Pains me.
I wonder when we will meet next.
+ I don’t know how to act-
How to please
You- ease
Or seize.
I’m crazy.
In a sea of emotions
I wanna know, if you see.
I wanna hold space, for your all
Encompassing- man
Cosmos matched
Are you aligned?
I’ve hatched,
Feeling deep-
Moved- weeping.
For your hand.
I don’t care
About the lists, pros + cons
I’m in this now…
I need you to break the ties + tell me no
If you wanna carry on without me

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