Here i am
me, an open vessel
oooh so lovely
Cracked a cone
Of fallen stone
Broken spirit bursting forth
A wave of silence to your calls
Here i am
wish me red
I am blue instead
Bloom eternal
Now a bird- burning
Embers await your shining
Bend the heart covered in a bubble of concrete
When will you plant your feet to what you hold dearly
Here i am
Savoring the dew
Fickle drops that bind the time we
Hiding on familiar lands
Your hands hide from mine
Crazed by the demon of a mind starved
Thirsting for honey
Dragon save me
Treasures of a witch
Here i am
Dropped plans
Uprooted cans in built up damns
Birthed in confusion
From life past- on to eyes that call me
Home to a sun
Star of my heart
Warm and prospering- promising
Here i am
Raw like bark
Hollow wholly – the space between
Finding me finding me

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