I’m A Hypocrite

I’m sorry.

I’m a hypocrite.
I’m privileged
I judge you
Feed you, struggle.
I’m a muggle and a witch.
I’m a bitch, within-
I’ve sinned.
I’ve binned food worthy of lips.
I’ve hit you hard
I’ve dealt you cards=
made for me.
I’m a fake.
I take things for granted
And live to unrealistic standards
I hold you to them.
I send war
With tones.
I’m untrue and my aim is the truth.
I dis-empower
you, with my search. I count the hours
I miss the love.
I look for the above + beyond here
I have called on fears
Manifested the pain
I am shadows
I am the reflection of my attention to your actions.
I am a blur.
And i swear, sometimes.
I sigh,
I am impatient.
And a murderer of sentient-
With time.
I am a supporter of the destroyer,
With my energy spent-
On unconsciousness meant
To be ignored but I’m implored by the gods.
I don’t give a sod-
I am ignorant- I rant.
I can’t see the way out -I shout -I have doubt.
I indulge, I am greedy- enough is never enough.
I look for more, unsatisfied.
I have lied.
I ride on fossil fuels- I call you a fool -I can be cruel -I went to school
+ I drool at your body too.
I question who-
are you, and i don’t trust.
And I am Venus but I don’t fully love myself.
I don’t take care of my health- I judge you by your wealth.

I am a hypocrite- Are you?



2 thoughts on “I’m A Hypocrite

  1. I love this! Everyone can be a bit of a hypocrite at times and this perfectly captures that. I also love the format of the poem and the way it reads. Great write!

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