Stained- on a mind holy
God has sinned
Past the plan of purity
God, i have sinned
A god- forgiven already
But i am stained with the disdain of my passage
A message to gods on the lands with many
Minds of gods who see the plenty
Starving for affection
I’ve been misdirected
In the sins of gods
Shared pain of slain
Goddesses in chains
And men with willies who play
There are no words to shout
Non informed
Bodies from souls
And spirits fed by holes
Show- me the love of god in heavens
Here on earth we have replenished
Unto – leaned to- learned to
Learn conditions of a fucked up world
Gods in boxes gods in cars
Gods in dungeons gods in bars
Sweet goddess you are more than this image of interest
Showing your flower
Being stamped on
Faces blank
A plank plundered- without respect
Di-sect the blame of a mind insane
Gods and goddess’
Stealing kisses
Exploring open ends
Exploiting the innocent
Loop holes of a loop infinite
Bold- sold for eyes greedy
Needing comfort- your not alone
I am tired and cold- left
Guilt my flower wilts in a mirage of godly sin
Wanting sacred kin – without sin
But i have sinned too
Can we start fresh
Each time i do i am always and never new
A taste of past cycles linger
And my fingers linger in places familiar
And i wonder if this is a life written
By my own hands from before i was born?
Or am i writing as i speak beyond the voices i hear
A voice beyond the veil
Catch me and lets sail
Roped and old- a island above beyond
the stars of gods on earth
Sad to see the rewarded mystery
In echoed symphonies, plundered a vibration
Deeply moving us to dimensions of demons with gods faces
In the mirror.

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