I Think I Love You

I think I love you
I feel an ache when I see you name pop up- when I see your online
And haven’t replied
I think I love you
I’m not obsessed
I’ve got my nest- It’s a test
And I lied to myself
I think I’m lost in the pit of your chair that was once a lap that cared
And I stare at you across the flames and wonder if we can ignite them
I’m sorry I cut you off
I’m sorry that I’m lost, sometimes
I am sorry for my crimes
I think I love you
It’s so hard to give you space
And that’s my gift to the world.
I swirl my dress to impress
And I’m sorry I ask all the questions
But when I ask myself who I’d rather be spending my time with, it’s you.
And you’ve gone through, to the other side- you hide
Yourself from me- what does it mean? What does it mean.
I’m so impatient. Heaven sent- your arms around me
I’m safe
Misplaced trust- I’m screwed up. Head fuck.
What does this mean.
Apparently I’m meant to not act needy and let you come to me- but I’m just being me
I think I love you- but i hate indirect contact and misinformed facts leaving me in a lack of knowing anything about your feelings.
Never ended meanings
I want to be an open book
I think I love you
I’m a bit crazy
Is it scary
To surrender to me
I know this is all heavy so just let me take you on an adventure.
I care,
so I’ll back off.
Your soft lips stop me contacting
I’m cramping- stamping on daisies
Impatiently waiting
For invisible replies
I infinitely sigh
Die to this confusion.
I want an infusion
to higher clarity of joy past delusion
In separation
I’ll flow poetry as my meditation
from my- I think i love
I miss you
I care- this will all be a blur- a tear- at my strings.



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