Don’t Assume

Don’t assume
Don’t rape
You didn’t ask me if you could kiss me
Free me
Feel me
You raped me
Raped my skin
You took what you wanted
Don’t assume
Don’t rape.
So can you please ask me next time,
You want to rape my washing
and hang it out to dry.
Before, you peg my delicate’s on the line-
Please think- before you rape my couch with your shoes
And make me loose
A battle in my head.
Please don’t rape my room.
Open my door or go one step more.
With those shoes from out the door
From streets forever more
Laid with filth
You please let go when i do
Don’t rape my body and devour my energy
It killing me
Feeling my space
And please don’t rape my dinner with your keys
or your cut down trees
On my path
Don’t laugh
Don’t breathe
In my air
It’s unfair =to assume i want help
I was dealt this hand
And your not welcome to stand
so close to me- Mind your hands
Unless there sanitized
I see through your lies.
Just because they are invisible doesn’t mean i can’t feel them.
I feel them – germs
The kind that can give you worms
Excuse me, did u wash your hands after the toilet?
when you held your penis while u secreted the waste from your bladder
I shudder
How could you
Mental image
Got me finished- i cant move
And your hygiene has me acting like i’m insane
In a game of who’s the cleanest
Meanest – for pointing it out
I am crawling
Sprawling- i wish – i’m hording my things
Hiding from you
A monster who brews
Me blue – Pushing through
Flared in rage I cant’t dream
A dream of respect
Distracted excuses
Excuse me, Oh OK
Go ahead and rape me.
Cause that’s how it feels.
Up my windows
Exposed to the chemicals
In the air
Escaped- A trace of your hair
Still in the sink, on the floor, behind the door.
Earth a sanctuary
Beloved – compassion
But without self compassion
Wheres the self respect
Now i get it
I’m raped by your misplaced
Wanting to be nice
Taking taking taking
With an arm around
My no, leave me alone i’m not in the mood
Is there something wrong with you?
You got to work on that
No, you have.
I know myself.
So, please don’t rape me.
That is what your doing- ENERGETICALLY.
Forgetting I’m a sovereign being too.
Don’t get too close
Unless my nose
Is above the roses
I may be in my cave
Don’t make me a slave
To your wants
Your needs.
If i want something i will ask for it.
And if you want something ask for it.
Don’t assume.
Don’t rape.
My washing basket, my casket, my plastic bags, my door handle, my car, my far away stare, my glare, my care, my hair, my body or aura or phone or food.
Don’t assume.
Don’t rape.

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