Don’t you hear the wailing cries
Of children
Hanging on the other line
Of your fucked up tries- but can’ts
I demand
It’s just not fair
Don’t you care enough
To not let your child down?
Cause your working late?
There’s no debate.
You get irate
There’s no 2 ways- about this
You miss
Your child
But your blind- to these broken ties,
Of blood.
+ you don’t feel you should-
Cancel all your plans-
You don’t understand.
Your let downs tear a hole
In little hearts
Want to be loved- Vulnerable + unheard
Tender, fragile- tiny like a fairies fluttering wings.
Your unavailability crushes them.
With every let down-
That’s just unfortunate for you-
Is a unholy crumbling.
For your angels feet-
That meet no floor.
The clouds wiped from beneath
Shattered teeth.
By your fist of walls.
One call that shattered the faith.
In the love they have in dad.
It’s so so sad.
I’m not trying to make you out to be a bad dad- though I’m mad + you are.
Cause this isn’t
How you treat your child.
+ This is a fight.
In a delicate space.
A heaven to grace
Your love on their confusion.
In this- You instill more delusion.
I don’t understand?
You, entitled, put down the phone
I pass on the message,
Beneath the rage,
Their eyes
Sink to the floor.
An uncontrolled weep
They haven’t seen you in months, years, centuries.
You dump your load
Not fair, surrendering
Cause it’s OK
You will have their hearts
When it’s convenient for you
I see through
The truth
Don’t you hear the wailing cries
of your children.

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