It wasn’t worth it.

That wasn’t worth it
A bite of a McDonalds burger
A company that feeds murder
+babies to angels.

That wasn’t worth it
Half a veggie burger
Fried in fat that blocks my body
From moving
+ grooving the way i want to
I can’t see through
A mirror – without seeing
You bloom on me-
This half burger I ate
In the pull- magnetized to sins
I should have put you in the bin.
Instead you win.
Dear fat,

That wasn’t worth it
Worth the guilt
Deep felt
For a mouth filled
With fried
Lies and absorbed cries
A moments high
Carrying us, a thousand years
For a blow-out.
On the tongue

That wasn’t worth it.
Dear mind of
Willing my want
This fight
Crash landed
In a box
I didn’t want to bin
+ forced
The cardboard
Non source
To the corpse.

That wasn’t worth it.


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