Should i be ignorant to smoke?

Do you feel privileged
Because you’ve been at work all day
Do you think it doesn’t entitle me to say
Please don’t blow smoke in my face
Do you feel you have more right
Cause I haven’t quite
Pulled the same load
But I’ve pulled my own and i don’t deserve your cold
In an un-held way
It’s really not OK
Do you think I don’t deserve the same
As god? respect
You don’t give a sod
Cause I’m the odd- one out-here
Questioning freedom and fear
Standing up for a belief?…what feels right
Do I not matter as much as you do?
You who,
Slogs your gut out, who’s entitled to shout?
Cause you’ve had a hard day.
Living the way
Of societies rules.
I’m the fool- sat on my bum enjoying the sun
Asking won’t you come- Join me?
There’s a price to be free
Do you think I should keep quiet
To your explodes and episodes
Remain ignorant
To your smoke
Look away while I choke
On the tar that blows
Through my innocent nose
Should i close
My eyes
To the lies

Do you feel privileged, entitled, wilted,unfulfilled, jealous, tired
Or do i feel guilty, helpless, mis understood, confused by blood.+ the should and could of dimensions and paradigms settled and shifting.
I’m lifting the concrete + letting the grass breathe.


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