Notes, a poem, made while sitting in A+E waiting for my brother to be told he has fractured his jaw from the skate park.
To the mother sat in A+E
Rocking her crying baby
Who tried to sleep
On her knee
While she wipes away her own tears.
It’s OK
+ I feel you deeply
The sorrow of the unsatisfied
The in pain
Angel squirming for comfort
On a world full of distress
To the mother
Trying as your darlings crying
I feel your strength + hopelessness
In this a test
+ you push on in this
Through fear
Our love outweighs
This aching
Feeling of breaking our hearts
It’s not fair
+you push on through
Each door
Wailing wailing- too heavy to bare
Oh my god
Please help me now
Dear grandma
Console these prayers
With your rocking body
Snuggling softly
Rock me rock me
Children holding children
Children loving children
Children care for children
Grandma rock my tears
As i wipe them they birth my love through this
I’m not good enough
How do i console this here soul
My angel born and torn in a world of so much
In A+E’s without beds for sleepy heads
Grandmother you know how to rock me so,
In lullabies
Oh so sweet
To drum my heart + pulse to dream
Away weeps
Of worlds
Of newborns
Behind hospital doors
Grandmother, you hold us all.
you must stop your crying
I don’t want to hear
Your pain
It’s making me insane
I need you to be quiet now
So i can have some space
+ We won’t displace
Another’s grace

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