I’m so scared of you

A poem written pre going to slimming world last night.
I’m so scared of you
Tales of scales
A mermaid drowned
In her own stem cells
Dark, deep.
A demon calling me
Chopped off my feet
Dragging me
I’m so scared
To be seen
Without shells
Upon my nipples
My tail makes ripples
As i swim
Through fear
You food
You judgement
Sent me to sell my cycles
A pattern
To happen
Upon my very womb
Bloomed, a pregnant belly
Flowing fat
Sat in mental notes
Following roads forlorn
+ Torn – uneasy to squeeze
On rope swings
Clipped wings
Fearing breaking free to dreams
Past a so it seems
Reality is beyond the seen
That feels so real
Cathartic waves
Upon each day
Birthed in streams
Beneath an ocean
For the day it meets
A peaceful
Free from fighting.

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