Free spirit

Pissed off
Mind blot
Man with eyes of oceans
Pure, guiding my hiding
Eyes, tamed by your
Tries- my past has been shot
Woman – a hyme
Sung woumds
Stamped out blooms
In surrendered control.
You the chooser
Attebtion- lost
Must not block
Oh, what does it mean to be touched?
SACRED man I lust
For your hands to be in the direction
It plans to explore
+ hold the treasure that in folds
From doors that open
Ever more
In your invitation.
I’m lost. Wondering.
Where you’ve gone to?
What your chasing
Facing me
Placing me
In your close vicinity
I felt your divinity
Now it’s gone.
I’m blown to bed
Shed the confusion
That lifts me to the power within
Past this fucked up delusion
Looking for the one
What is that anyway …
I pray
Cause that’s my direction
I know it’s real
I felt it in my dreams.

Your pulling
At the stiched up seams
Of stuffed down
A pain – once pulled
Leaves me empty
If I return your gaze will you hold me…
For as long as I need
Don’t invite me to fall into your empty arms
Pretending to give
Really taking
Letting go of me, you open me and leave
I’m sorry
I don’t know how to be
I expect you to hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me?


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