Physic intuition

+ you stole them
+ I gave them
Spaces on my hips for your hands
That my heart understands
To be love
Slowly opening
Doors of wounds and doors of innocence
Why has this happened again?
Tamed and lost in man’s eyes
+ body, being
Charmed by charmers
Sold freely
Unfolds me
+ I’m crushed in too much space
On energy unconfirmed – when once implied
An intent to lay with me
And now you lay with who
Did you darling?
This is deeper than an afternoon fling
Singing healing to parts of Mr never seen
I’m sad
Sleeping without your follow through
To bloom the seeds you planted
In me
In water fountains lost in your voice
Across the feild
My feild has been shaken
Taken back by
Felt and now opening
Ahut, uncertain
My power, a maiden
Beckoning enchantress
Stood in crone-
Your eyes feel like home.


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