Heart ache. Pain in chest.

Pulling me back
A force unknown
And forged without scope
Sobbed once
Breaking cosmic ties
To a”stranger”
Of night
Shining so bright.

Clenching beats
Can’t breathe
Pulling my tongue back
Down my throat
As I drive home
Away from your presence
That felt like home
No more
Illusion has blown
Over cast.

Sacred lands
Where hands
Met gentle hands
(Looking for a fuck)
Appreciating beauty. In the all.
Broken strands
Of love forged long ago
Before bodies where born.
Now torn.

A pit pulls me- for you
I ache
As I leave
I grieve
For you, where
I’m home.

I wish I didn’t cause your not worth this
Says my ego… Though I know.
I do know you. I’ve know you once before.
But here the trust was poisoned.
(My heart aches and I feel sick!)
My feet slip in-
Quick sand
I demand
As the other half of me stands
(And still stands)
Next to you,
Where I said goodbye.

A part of me died…
Centuries ago.
In non sensical,
Almost comical!
Detached you.
Dis honoring
Carry you
I’m latched to the truth carried in my blood.


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