A shower
Shared space
Sacredly held
Innocently felt
Surrendering sweetly

You left fleetly
One day, a storm
I’m stung
Hung for jealous eyes
That watch a lovers hand
Lay on a sister
Opening doors of innocence
Sacred taming waves of non sense
So happy to be ones self
I felt you
Did you feel me to?

Don’t play that game with me
No excuses can be drawn
To the deck that draws the deceiver
The free wheeler
Dreamer of the candy store
A child in search for more
UN settled
UN intended
Over sending
Washing away
A flame
From pants
And a mind for one track
Speaking language for all eyes

Seen through
There’s a way to do it
But it’s not for me
Explored when I as younger
With the belief- all men are bastards
Now I’m looking at the sacred gardener
To tend to a sacred garden
That is me.

Do you want to learn the ways
There’s more fun in the deepness of the same
You know what your doing
An I’m vulnerable and kind
Blind by your smiles.

IV got files and files
Back logged for miles
In this and past lives
Lived through the ages of man
Your gun
Overcome by urges
Appetized by the flesh felt between your legs

Why did you flit if you never intended to follow through
Wheres the true you
Speak your truth
Follow through.


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