Speak Truth And It Blows Away

Maybe I’m just meant to feel
Heart ache- today
A cosmic soup- looped
To play, the violins of past
To rejuvenate the few
Drops of sorrow of the heart
To start
And step in-to-the-new
Me, with less sorrow
To bloom-
The seeds i planted in you.
LOVE is all that matters
…and with an emptying
A filling occurs.
It’s how you look at it
And speak with it
Dose it send you in your cave?
Or can you carve with it?
Don’t starve from it
The deprived
Or lied
Confusion state
Of the past-
Love lasts
It out ways the cast
Spells laid
Before you came
The contract signed
Forged in the ties of lovers-
Tamed in ivy
Wrapped around the oak
Floating on the shore
Of serenity.
Maybe I’m just meant to be IN
Heart ache
An earth quake
to shake loose the ties made
Break the tamed
Feeling buried
In the married
Feelings purge to new and shift
To stew the pot
I blew
of gratitude
Seeing worth in you
And me.
A light shines
Removes the rubble
To help the sprouting
Wild flowers
Open heart
Let down your showers
Countless hours
Of gratitude

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