Wisdom Channeling

Your not mine

I am not yours

Disconnected yet so connected

In truth

Dis associated yet so associated

In the vibrations of truth

Your not mine

I am not yours

The wind blows us

In to new


Which one will you falter

Or merge

The surge of union

In seperation

On the body of god


Again and again and again

Re living

Giving freedom

To the few

Blown open in the newness

Of your skin

I am so greatful for the sins

I felt in touching you

Touching me

Touching through the veil

Of cut apart


That once tied to the braches of earths trees

That gave us the air to breathe

All the truth we could ever need

Now starving



Vibrating higher

Finding sisters brothers

Who stood next to us

Under the cover of star bark

Shaking all the dark

Illuminating it in surrendering honnor

Bowing to her magnificence

She literally came heaven sent

And bent all the rules

We are now in- Felt

Angels clipped

And remembering them

Wings of holy sight


Sacred Mind




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