Is anyone else
Of writing all the time
I am so fucking tired
Of having so much fight
For everything
Questioning anything
That moves me
To paper

Is anyone else tired?

Artists and poets should have assistants to type up and write up all their ideas
People to help get them to society…
Waking up the few
Sharing with the few
On social media

Where is everyone?
Is anyone else tried?

Of feeling so much
Showing too much-

Opening the HOLES
Is a fight – flight
To the eyes of non sight

A coyote to the moon


5 thoughts on “

  1. Sometimes I get tired, but then I remember the multitude of surface-level, how about the weather, senseless conversations I have day after day and writing welcomes me back home.

    1. yes i LOVE writing really ❀ I love looking back at all these emotions and releases i have and have had and feeling in a completely different place, its magic. And really powerful, the trip to healing and release truth of one moment that might never surface to be a moment or feeling again ❀

      1. Yes! Absolutely right on the mark! The cathartic release is so very important, as well as the exploration of the human condition. I thoroughly enjoy these connections we make.
        It’s like a good song, going back to what you were saying, that our writing can transport us to another time in our lives. 😊

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