Harmonious Hunter- Home is Happiness WithIN

(A love poem to myself)
I’m home in your eyes
An-others. Home inside
A side
From the In
That slides,
To new fondness.
In a stranger the same-
Not a stranger.
One past name…
Your eyes frame, the waves that wash
Over my essence- I cross with ease.
Your gaze gives me the chance to feel.
My delicious divinity- juicy. Whole. Delightful.
Waves caress
The mess- keeping the mind constant
=Your opening them.
The you that is me!
The me that sees, your a miracle
Reflection nest
Of a mother
Laid in arms ground
In cinnamon.
A pinnacle
Where all points meet
Directions are born
In hawthorn.
Sip me———————–
I’m alive inside.
From me all is without
“And I’m found”
By me, the hunter of the self.
A warrior of my own.
Feeling less alone,
Home in my own union,
Owning un I on
one Ion
A gentle lion.
-Harmonious hunter
Consciously fantasizing,
Owning, blowing…
-Let go of the clasps-
Sticky weeds kiss me.
Earth bound, ringing
The predator has gone.
I am a-round, (in your eyes,
That are mine.)
A hunter: serenaded
Played. Drifting
A song sweetly- Lulled…
Medicine flowers.
Bow to me- A reflection, of fairies on the water
Joined fingers. All senses, alive
I feel
Love is real
In me

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