I Set Intent

To marvel at my underneaths
My inbetweens
My me

I set INtent
To remember
I am heaven sent
I represent
The goddess

I set INtENt
To bend
Like the snake
I am
beneath the shell of fertility

I send it
mend my fixture
Drop this drop within the mixture
I’m mixing

An honoring

I am mothering
This play
It’s OK- Today I send this out to the ether
To bloom a thousand leaves
On a stalk sprung
Under forgotten feet

I set the intent to love me wholly
A holy
Core balancing
My chalice
Flowing from me

Bubbling over with excitement
I am ready I AM READY

Are you?

To knock down ALL THESE WALLS
Displayed in this framed
Stone cold- Warming in your sun-
Whole and moving towards a folding-
Mountain goat.
Bold in honoring her home!
Roaming free in skin beaming
Streams of golden light
Teaming, with radiant light.

I set the intent
and command it be so
To unfold the butterfly
To be without the demon voices who claim the shy.
I will lie with you.
In beauty
+ cry a new – Ocean rippling
shooting seeds
Ever green in heart
Part of a team

I set intent
To birth this dream
Stepping into new skin
Me and my body

Thank you snake for you lessons. To shed it. And in doing this allowing it to be gone and birthed from release a deep presence in joy, in holding my own power of happiness, from me. In. Tent- sent.


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