Imagine nonsense

Imagine if you stepped into everything you wanted to be right now? No excuses. Wouldn’t it be amazing?…or, would it scare you?… Do you need that voice in your head that keeps you striving, keeping you in a place where you feel not good enough? Your in charge, not that voice. That voice portrays a false reality, one that is a dream. Do you believe it?

I want this, I want that, I want to be my optimum self, vital, alive- striding in health

I want my dreams to be real

What are you doing to make them real though?

How long have you been speaking about your dreams? years?

Does it realisitically take this long for the dream you have to come true?

NO? So maybe your mind is keeping you here?

You have the power to follow the mind of obstacles of the mind of dreams.

Each one can be equally as real, which one do you believe? Which one do you want to believe?

Make the next steps the one of dreams. One where you walk towards dreams and with the voice of dream.

Voice of obstacle will always be with you, it is there to keep you safe. But you can just smile at it. You don’t have to hide with it.

Make those dreams real.

The voice of obstacle is not even a thing. It’s just not a thing.

You can be in charge if you wish to.

You can plunge into the freezing cold river and rebirth yourself into the voice of dreams.



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