How to be, one with trees, floating free. Feel me.

I am ready. Are you?

I am sooo ready to step into this and shed that skin. It’s already peeling. I am so ready to go in the direction I know is right for me. I’m listening. It’s calling me. I’m so ready to shed you, the one that bound mesafely. Now my safety is sweetly singing. Rooted. In the air, I care a thousand ryhmes. A million times of freedom. Burst in this exact moment. I’m elloping to my destiny. Not a test, I’m walking in with ease. Mothers aema welcoming. Beckoning

I am ready. I’m alive, bursting at the seams.. The cream, falling. I’m flying. Cause I’m listening. Its a dream, my dream. So it seems I believe it and it’s growing with me I’m blooming. Knowing your tuning into me.

I’m so ready.


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