Imagination Births Dreams

( Strange, Intregued. Dreamy creamy, melting sweetly.
My excitment is contented. Yet swept away like a virgin. Urges in. Awakened the earth- asleep. Remembering, she IS born from passionate fires. )
I feel loyal.
Medicine- rich, reaches to see-through
Insights. Ring true
Swirling, fluttered wings.. in a soup- Earth bound
Gazed at- grounded
Rounded in electric ripple-loops
Me and you
Do you feel it too
Called to myself
Centred in words. Your lips.
Cast spells from heavens. Your lips.
Reader of the stars
Charts- to gently open my temple
Full, magnets- rubbing
Embers alight in the energy centred-
Aged presence. Your lips.
Wash over me
I am open
To what doors i have placed before me
Stroked a fire… hands alight them places- hiding
Fantasies of invisible attraction.
Holding space for upgrades
Traced, delicate
Nude entanglement- tingles
The serpant to dance through
Born of water
Raised from flames
Aligned to give birth to energy, a new creation
Sensations- to spark= flames in the dark
Imaginations birth dreams.

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