This is my expression
No words are needed
One letter
A moan.
Seduce my senses
Tenses drop them in spaces held
Wavering honey
Drops toward my rippling
Sacral- fire blazing
Laid bare
Wet and frothing
A shell to enter
To venture into the depths of the sea
Where no man has ever been
Seen in an Mmmming
Beaming lion spooning
Fooling no one
In surprising strokes
Casting magic made to open the clasps
Of time past sealed
Shut doors
With pearls of fragrant roses
Poised to their bloom purposefully
Awake now- pinnacle
Your allowed to play
In her sacred gardens
Dance softly among the petals
Before they drop
Grown for the now your bound in
Grown for you senses to delve in
Lay in, me
Free all the me
That is crying to be
Among roses rolling in wet due drops
And guided to mountain tops
To scream from
Dream from in delight
And free from the fear of time
That will fall these leaves.
And grow again
In next years flourishing gardens.

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