Can you love all of me?

Can you love my all
My fat, my rolls
Can you see past them
see them. Marvel at them?
Be enchanted,
And planted in an attraction- with them.
Cause my body has layers-
Of weight
Weighting to be loved. Realised.
Can you love me without wanting me to be free?
From the excess you see.
Can you see me without excess?
And see me just as me?
Without judgement to be-
Smoothed and balanced.
Enhanced, the butterfly waiting to fly.
Can you hold me as I cry?
To be as he sees-
Me with wings.
Can you love me past how- I’m meant to be?
A goddess dimmed in hope for, healthy
Glows of light…
A body that can’t be lifted
But can be, seen lifted-
Above, and gifted to hands
That cherish every fold.
Every tone.
A croan-
Can you see me and feel me
Beautifully just as I am.
Just me?


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