Realise you
Don’t need to accept any less
Than what your highest worth is – that gives you
Balance – your chance
To be complimented

Cemented in roses
A family cosy
Foaming – homing in to love
Held in arms a family unit
Soon it
Will bloom.

Realize your
Worth – your stars are born to birth
Infinite love
Your capable of a life full
Of acceptance – not a life on the fence
Not a not quite good enough -bending rules
Your good enough
Of the purest love
Bagage as blessings and a voice that sings
Praise to the fazes of the moon
That blooms and blooms in the cracks
Your bent from
Taking root in spaces that feel like holes
Souls healing -feeling in the dark
Stark, a hand invisible -in front of your face
Full tracing shining – timing – a reminding

Your highest fulfillment
– your meant to melt
Be held
While you remould
Unfold, all before – opening doors
Called home
Calmed, told – I love you
Just as you
All of you
All your strings
I’m here to hold them, help you untangle them
Gently hold your spaces so you

All your worth
Giving birth to this dream
A stream you mustn’t give up on
Forever connected to the bountyfull ocean

You don’t need to accept any less
Than what your highest worth is- that gives
You balance
A chance
To be fulfilled


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