The Shadow Of Our Stars

We all live with the shadows of our stars
They’ve been rebirthed throughout
Our history
They tell the story
Of the things we cant see

Like in night sky
Highest of highs
-Darkness is a shadow
So, there must be something huge we can not see to blow
In-between all the, twinkling-
Blinkering in projected tunnels- A mirage, Mirrored.
A colossal- gathering of light- shines
=In this space, WE CAN NOT SEE.

We all live in the shadows of OUR STARS
Eternally we will be balancing between
the light we shine and the shadow
Which pulls us to what we can not see, a flow
Pulsating- gravitating- and Growing us
The encompasing all
To a bigger light…. with a bigger shadow
Balancing our search to show us
Enlightenment… in the unknown

We all live in the shadows of our stars.
Without them we wouldn’t get far
Stuck in a cycle of shining- without space to truely see
Lost in a vast blinding
Without the dark their is no finding
Growing, looping in maps laid
Grouping us through the soup of this seed we’re riding on, made
In-vane perfection.
A circled re-direction, where…

We all live in the shadows of our star.


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