I’m searching for something that cant be found
And I’m bad at finding things
Still I search
As lonely as a cloud

Beyond the feilds I’m held in
Swinging for the lonely moment
Before sleep
Holding out arms
Open, hoping you’ll hold me

Youve got to be out there
Anyone someone
With integrity to purse me
Sing me to sleep with your fears of the tears behind your
Mind of the unsatisfied
Tried, tries
And tired
But not broke enough to stop

I wash and wash and wash
Cause I’m not pure enough
Not clean enough
Not good enough
This mentality, cursed as insanity
Minds not themselves
Lifting veils, conditioned

I am on a mission
For love
Sleep sedatation
Of the longing heart
Roaming pages of worthless faces
Faced with truth
That’s namelesss

My body is tameless
Asleep I drink in, whispered stagnation
My feet in concrete
A void opens to the deep below me
I sweep the falling rubble around
Caving in I weep for the unknown scares me
Yet I’m free

As lonely as a cloud
By movies
I’m moving in a wave that is alive with the dark and light
Without this sight
A snake
To wake the trust in other senses
Take these cares I give and stuff them in the liles
Achilies fall
Snapped heals, tree stumps

Lumps of in-between
Demean my mean obseen seen
Clean the cream clouded allowed to stream my plains
Each night is the same
Loop for the one to hold me
Following suit to a group
Unmold me

You told me
You’d love me for ever.


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