Spoon me
Like you never spooned any body
Pretend my body is your dream body

You told me you made love to my slimmer self
Like slim is the biggest wealth
Between us
I buzz with the hum of your distraction
Repulsed in dissatisfaction
A distraction to turn on
While you ride on my flowering
Earth ship
Opened by your following
Placing yourself in waters
You fakly honnored
To your best ability
Kiding me

Feeling into the moment
Was it meant to
Or forced
Coursed to persuade
Trade secrets
Cheap frills
Instilled mistruths
In aloof

Hung on arms to hold me.

Sold myself to the unworthy.

We are worthy of the highest love above all earthy seduction
Fractioned sanctioned to hell
Learning to let go of it all

Hurt and scared in unsacred sentiments
I’m meant to be worshiped

Don’t forget yourself for arms in mr.Almost perfect

Giving chances to those your gut says, something’s not right here. It’s not fear but an insight. We’re always learning, you don’t have to keep blindfolding yourself walking with open arms to fall off cliff after cliff.


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