Your Online

In a bubble, that prevails my island. Wraps me from the storm that circles.

I’m aware. Escapist, naturist, your on my playlist. Drift- among the islands- Take me away from this. Burnt hand. Dream. Your a dream. We birth the cream- of mystic seams. Beaming- leaving the world a better place.

Tamed the beast. By simply being. Standing. Your demanding, I open. Open.

I’m open. To the smoke and flames, they’ve broken my chains.

Now I’m choking- Your online (….and haven’t replied.) Which adds to the implying lie that this was not just a hook up. A fulfillment of a fantasy. Ticked off. Now won and lost… interest? I detest. You, the site that gives me eyes of jealousy- to a lover of a limited sea- that does not entertain to plan to see me- again… Am I to blame? Didn’t play the game, of teasing for a prolonging- calling names of shame to open so generously. Legs that thrust to be. Loved?

Now, lost, left as unworthy- of words to console, or a call to hold- this. This, and no words of comfort. No words of wonder. Of, how this played out. How I am, now I’v been opened, and left to sow this seed shut. Stand in a power of my own. When you entered my soul- so eagerly. Aligned to mischief? I am misty in this mystery… Your in. Dishonoring the sacred feminine. Awoken, I’m left to piece together- sever, ties built. A science of hiding, riding this wave-out. Banking on it to blow-out. The embers you blew on. I’m a little blue from- SEEING YOUR ONLINE. Fiercely alive and aware. Of space. I grace all the airs. I am careful of who I care-for. Share- for, my nectar is from- this I’m given the- ACE of cups.

Bowing with truth. To the 5 flowing rivers. From a lake of the lingam. Born in stars that aligned for our escapism. Now I’m forsaken in seeing- your green circle. Online but not replying to my opening- you opened my wings- mutually yes. But now no follow through of the seeds you dropped- the dew of sweet nature. In my fair- Yoni. Holy. Cold in I want to be held. And this ignorance is not holy-lily held- I weld this soup in my words a spell. I call you to rise, raise away from the silence, and reservation- that implies- you can’t hold woman in her all- Only seduce the temptation. A meditation of the senses- looking for more STILL. More still. In the stillness there is an unclear water. Crystal in your kiss, but left bare in the absence- of commitment. Your already committed and i permitted this chance- by beckoning the truth to dance, words that call the ignorance to flow. “Tell me who you are”. Burnt fingers, lingering dishonesty. Are you honestly looking for other booties?

A prize. A rebound? Found in the deepness of this- honestly. Ignorant bliss. She can take care of herself. Left on the shelf. I’ll look for= time fillers. Fillers. Fillers. I’m a thriller. Kill her in ignorance. A goddess, calling forth the tides to unbind this- ignorant bliss. I’m offering- solace. I don’t want- just anyone. Not anyone. Who wants everyone. I want just one to delve with. Give me truth, in a dyad/dryad- of Who You Are. Who you are? No running away. This fire is one to blaze in the depths of minds. Of waters pooled, mines- to feed through- to veins of the roots of our energetic bodies- Semestic= we are bodies fed by these- seeds planted- long ago- they bleed- and in each moment sow- we sow- them new. Seeds of truth i plant water, i feed from.

Like a yew in the grave yard blooming red berries, from the death of each season. I find a deeper meaning, a deeper reason to make a move. And loose, all social forms of cool- I bloom. Rejecting this- Ignorant Bliss.





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